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“Great newspaper that determines their role in terms of their contribution to society and to work towards improving lives. Metro Rail News is part of the effort to go beyond.”

Metro Rail News team a leading provider of the latest news, information, business news, job notices and technical information on metro railways, mass rapid transit system, monorail, light rail trains, high speed rails, sky bus and other related industries in the India. We offer a wide range of digital, online news, announcements and information resources that are read and respected by railway operators and suppliers in more than 91 countries. We bring news from more than 300 Indian and international sources, consisting of information about the various metro rail including mass rapid transit system, high speed rail, metro railway plants, sky buses and other related industry.

Our writers and editors come from all walks of life, with more experience and exposure to the industry. They know that the content and the palm. Armed with the analytical mind, they do a thorough investigation and to achieve high-quality content. Every word that comes from our writers meet the needs of our valued readers and targeted audience. We have a team of developers, designers and specialists that constant desire is to provide the best news readers and our customers as well. Our writers know how to create exclusive content because they:

  • Understand that the content is serious business.
  • Know how to tell a story in an authentic way.
  • And they will do in a way that brings more quality customers, interesting work, and people respect you and your time.

Our dedicated and highly motivated team of writers and editors to play with words and help our clients get their message effectively, and in a simple manner. Editorial, news, blogs, advertising materials, campaigns, punchlines, logos, product descriptions, brochure writing, newsletter writing, company profile, case studies, documents, announcements, speeches, we did and continue to succeed in the content area.

Located in New Delhi, the online portal of Metro Rail News is sponsored by various urban rail organisations, media and rail professionals in India. We have a very strict policy against plagiarism and we sincerely believe that a serious newspaper should go beyond reporting, analysis and public discussion. We swear every word that we offer our customers, in which we swear.